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Clear and objective communication is the key to efficient organization.

We will interface with all event participants to free the Organizing Committee from the extra workload.

Location Selection

We will help you select a location – an extremely important factor – by the size of the event and its accessibility.

Event Schedule in Steps

To avoid pending items or missed deadlines, we will create a step-by-step event schedule together with the client.

Meetings with the Organizing Committee

We can go to you or make our office available for meetings to discuss the event and other relevant issues.

Supplier Negotiations

We have established partnerships with the top suppliers in the market and will present a range of different price and quality options to ensure that customers have a wide variety of choices.

Hotel Management

We offer advisory services for the selection of official event hotels. We can also participate in the negotiation process to obtain the best rates for participants.

Consulting for Scientific Program Development

With the experience acquired over the years, we can help you create a program that is suitable for the event, interactively accommodating all types of presentations.


Interevent will serve as the link between coordinators, session chairs and speakers, providing whatever is needed for these important guests. We manage flight schedules, hotel reservations, transfers, audiovisual equipment and more, while maintaining direct contact with the speakers through letters of invitation, confirmation forms and participation follow-up. All information related to the event program will be entered into our Programming System – a database created to monitor confirmations and related information, such as bios, photos, summaries for historical records, etc.

Mailing List Management

We can manage your mailing lists to guarantee that they are constantly updated and do not contain duplicates.


We can insert and maintain all conference-related information in the Interevent website, including scientific program updates, online registration, paper submissions and event news.

Support for Promotional Material Selection

We analyze the promotional material necessary to reach the desired target audience. We also establish the amount of communication and delivery dates and help you select the visual identity, theme, logo and design for the event.

Assistance with the Preparation of Promotional Pieces

We can contact the target public through the database provided by the organizing committee and send emails to listed industry associations.

Press Office

We help you find suitable PR firms or agents to promote the event in the specialized media.


We deliver newsletters and marketing e-mails.

Event Launch

Interevent organizes meetings with potential sponsors and event exhibitors and closes deals with them.

One of the most important services offered by Interevent is financial management.

We can prepare an estimate of expenses to be approved by the organizing committee. This data will be regularly updated according to the actual financial situation and event revenue.

Together with the event treasurer, we will prepare the banking reconciliation related to registration and sponsorship revenue using the checking account information provided by the customer.

Cash Flow

We can control event revenue/expense and cash flow estimates.

Financial Estimates and Financial Reports

We will monitor the financial health of the event on a daily basis to maintain strict control of revenues and expenses, aiming to ensure maximum profitability. Organizers have access to this control data through periodic financial reports.

Supplier Payment Management

We closely monitor supplier fees and payment dates.

Sponsorship Payment Control

We manage sponsorship payments and contact defaulting sponsors.

During the event, we will always be at your side.

Coordination and Supervision of All Contracted Services

Our goal is to make sure that everything functions seamlessly so that you can entertain your guests and speakers and enjoy your event to the fullest.

Logistics and Representative Office

The Representative Office will attend to pre-registered participants as well as new attendees. Interevent will be the link between the participants, sponsors and the Organizing Committee during the event.

Recruitment of Bilingual and Qualified Personnel

We select the right staff based on the profile of each event.

On-Site Registration

We will monitor and complete the registration on-site, including badge printing. We can issue and deliver certificates of participation and presentation papers when requested by the attendees. We can also coordinate the preparation and distribution of folders and other promotional material.

Management of Presentation Rooms

The presentation rooms receive constant support from trained staff to assist speakers and meet all their needs. Among other activities, the staff controls participant entry, adjusts lighting and sound during the presentation and prepares post-session reports for each presentation.

Special Treatment for Speakers and VIP Guests

We entertain VIP guests and speakers while offering them preferential treatment. We also coordinate the speakers’ room to make sure that they have access to their sessions on time.

Program for Accompanying Guests

We suggest different activity options and create a program for those individuals accompanying the guests in order to entertain them and interact with them, and maintain them close to the event site. This will be coordinated with the official travel agent for the event.

Social Events

We also supervise social events, such as the Opening Cocktail Party, President’s Dinner, Networking Party, etc.

Travel Agent

During the event, together with the officially selected travel agent, we can offer a vast program with several packages including pre- and post-event tours for participants. We can assist those who have already acquired travel packages with other agents. We also supervise guest accommodation and transportation logistics.

Interevent understands the importance of the sponsors and exhibitors as a means of adding value to the event in terms of revenue generation. We also recognize the need for mutual benefits for the organizing entity and sponsor or exhibitor. With this mind, we develop a floor plan and sponsorship packages that will be offered to the main sponsors. The focus here is to involve the sponsors in the event planning so that all of their needs and expectations are met.

Commercial Material

We prepare the commercial material, with sponsorship quotas, value per square meter and the floor plan, which will be sent to the companies interested in sponsoring or exhibiting.


Agreements and Payments

We manage the payment of promotional activities, such as sponsorships and symposiums, as well as the use and application of logos, etc.


After signing the agreement, we will approach the sponsors to guarantee that everything is properly arranged and assistance is given when needed.  We understand that the sponsors are a key part of any event.

Exhibitors’ Guide

We offer advisory services for contracting the official exhibition assembler. The Exhibitors’ Guide contains assembly and disassembly rules and policies for the event venue. We also advise the exhibitors on contractual services, such as cleaning, security, authentication, etc.

Interevent has a dynamic and competent service structure that is supported by the company’s proprietary software, developed especially to streamline routine work.

Online Registration System: a practical, dynamic and efficient way to receive registrations, with the capacity to manage events of any size.

The Registration System was specifically developed for event management tasks and allows users to store, control and deliver participant data. After adding participant data – such as name, address, payment details and social event options –, we can create personalized documents, including e-mail messages, receipts of payment, printed badges and certificates, in addition to several financial reports, divided by category, course, state/country, etc.

The system can also generate customized newsletters, keeping participants informed on the latest event information, news and changes to the conference program.

Our system also stores and logs the event financial data to generate financial spreadsheets and reports that are in line with customer needs. Such information is the exclusive property of our customers and will not be used for any other purpose without prior authorization.

The Registration System allows users to make payments via online banking or credit card systems (e-commerce system).

Information Technology has become one of the main solution tools for the future. That is why Interevent developed an Online Scientific Paper Receipt Program, which includes:

  • Online interactive system that can follow the paper submission rules established by the client
  • Support for the authors and the Scientific Committee
  • 100% Web-based secure system, with different access levels for different categories, such as client, administrator, author, the Program Committee, etc.
  • Evaluators have access to papers and can analyze them online
  • Paper approval delivery notices with presentation guidelines
  • Control of registration payments and accounting with the Organizing Committee
  • Delivery of final spreadsheet with event revenue and expenses
  • Generation of statistical and financial reports
  • Delivery of thank you letters to sponsors and exhibitors
  • Closing meetings with the Organizing Committee to evaluate the success of the event